Ford's biggest annual profit since '99

I think fdjake’s predictions/analysis was one of the best I’ve ever come across

Now the only question is… is it too late to get in? :cool


there’s your buying opportunity…

guess somebody decided to cash in…(last I checked…F was up about 47% since September 1st).

next few weeks, (months?), should be fun…looks like pullback time.

fwiw…took a hit on the Nasdaq today…hey…$hit happens… :gored


Ford stock could prove troublesome if things don’t improve.

In North America, profit per vehicle sold was $1130 in the 4th quarter, down from $2700 in the 3rd quarter.

In Asia, profit per vehicle was only $100

In Europe, they suffered losses per vehicle.

The market reacted to this news on Friday with a 13+% drop in Ford’s stock price.

That is something I did not even know about! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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Dave…How many shares of ford do you own and when did you buy?


Yea…That’s what I thought. :rolleyes