Ford SHATTERS earnings expectations....If THIS is the Collapse....SEND MORE!!

Once AGAIN…FORD CRUSHES Wall streets earnings estimates!!

My Ford holdings are now approaching the ONE MILLION DOLLAR MARK!!!

And the BEST PART???

Wait till they bring back the DIVIDEND!!!

Mullaly’s incentive package is tied to the return of the DIVIDEND…Just WATCH what happens to this stock when that comes ROARING BACK in 2011!!!



Fd, i’m not buying too much into the all these recovery numbers. I’m no expert, but the whole “recovery” feels wrong. Like its all inflated and not real progress towards stability. It seems a little weird that the economy almost collapsed TOTALLY, and now its like everything is back to normal when we still have the same issues as BEFORE.

I’m not doom and gloom like pm, i just don’t think this recovery is real at this moment.

And you could be 100% CORRECT!!!

I think that is a very SMART way to approach this economy! :beer

I'm no expert, but the whole "recovery" feels wrong.

That’s nothing compared to how you’re going to “feel” when you get to pay for your share of the “recovery”.

nice action today…on this one, (F).

really iShares…you need to roll out an auto etf.


It’s a good thing that Ford took that bailout money - it probably saved them! Hopefully, they’ll pay it back:


5.9 bil


My frustration is that these out-of-touch imbeciles (in both parties) are in charge of spending MY money!


forum rules?



It’s about Ford and them paying a loan back - even if it only exists in the mind of a single idiot, not about politics.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!


paraphrasing here…or whatever you want to call it:

Mulally at one end of phone:

we need!


bank bailouts…join the club…think KBE…KRE…nice action this past year.

not saying it’s easy…far from it.


“Nice action today…on this one. (F)”

I guess it must be that “DEAD DOG BOUNCE” :banghead :banghead :banghead

“Some people you just can’t reach.”

Cool Hand Luke

it was a dog

when TZA wasn’t…

active vs. passive…two different approaches…both make money.


[b]“Most of us don’t have the discipline to stay focused on a single goal for five, ten, or twenty years, giving up everything to bring it off, but that’s what’s necessary to become an Olympic champion, a world class surgeon, or a Kirov ballerina. Even then, of course, it may be all in vain. You may make a single mistake that wipes out all the work. It may ruin the sweet, lovable self you were at seventeen. That old adage is true: You can do anything in life, you just can’t do everything. That’s what Bacon meant when he said a wife and children were hostages to fortune. If you put them first, you probably won’t run the three-and-a-half-minute-mile, make your first $10 million, write the great American novel, or go around the world on a motorcycle. Such goals take complete dedication.” -Jim Rogers[/b]


That’s great news on Ford, but all this “recovery” needs to have an improvement in in jobs in order for a true recovery. A lot of this optomism is due to govt. stimulus programs. A better view of the economy would be after the stimulus is withdrawn.

Great point Phelm….

The recent expiration of the homebuyer tax credit sugar high in late April was a biggee….

Here’s daily candlesticks of the S&P Homebuilder’s ETF:

You don’t get no May 6th flash crash of +9% on the major indexes from nothing.

Going to take A LOT to get this economy really moving……have no clue where that’s gonna come from.

Definately a “new normal” as El-Erian of PIMCO has pointed out on occassion.

them belly full…but we…hungry:

The ironic thing is that its tough to get an economy going without housing. I mean look at all the different areas that housing touches.

Plumbing, HVAC, electrical, roofing, foundations, etc…
Retail (you have to furnish and decorate it).

That’s just off the top of my head, but there are a lot of jobs tied to housing. But you need jobs so people can afford the hous in the first place. I think in order to get things going initially, the jobs will have to come from other areas like Technology, Manufacturing and other non housing related sectors. Its going to take a wile to work off the inventory that’s currently out there.

This is going to take TIME…

There isn’t any CLIFF we’re headed for…It’s gonna be a LONG, SLOW, HARD walk out of the woods. SIMPLE AS THAT. We went on a 10 year DRUNKEN BENDER…

I see the START DATE for that BINGE sometime in 1997-99 with the TECH STOCK PARTY.

We moved from that, to the REAL ESTATE BOOM which lasted until 2006-7…10 years EXACTLY…One hell of a PARTY right???

So the question is…

If YOU drank like a FISH for 10 straight years how long would the HANG OVER LAST???

My guess???

10 years!!! With the “Waking up in jail night” being the fall of 2008.
So we could be 2 years in…OR… If you use the 2006-07 real estate price peak as the top…Then we’re 3 to 4 years in.

This is how ECONOMIES work…

Anyone here remember the real estate BOOM of the mid 80’s??

It took 5 years for the TOP to be made and 5 more for the BOTTOM to be put in.

Anyone remember what happened to classic car prices in the early 1990’s???

Jaguar E-types were selling for $100,000 and people LINED up to buy them AFTER the '87 Wall Street crash…(the then famous HERD quote was “I’m taking my money OFF of WALL ST and putting it on MAIN ST”) Yea, more like putting it in a DUMPSTER!!
That BUBBLE lasted for 5 years…the prices for those cars CRASHED to $30K…It took 10 years for those cars to regain their footing.

Did classic car INVESTING STOP during this time???

NO…Those Jags now fetch $150,000…So ANYONE who watched the HERD dumping their show quality Jags for $30K and PURCHASED a few is NOW sitting on a 500% return and a beautiful car!!

Did people walk away from stocks in 1987 with the DOW at 2500 and never purchase another share???

NO…The Dow is now at 10,000…UP 400%

Did SMART people walk away from REAL ESTATE investing in the early 90’s when the bottom was put in??

NO…They were BUYING…Then the HERD jumped in and sent prices through the ROOF 10 years later!



THIS TIME we almost took the economy back to the stone ages…So it’s not coming back in a few years. It’s going to take TIME! A LOT of slow moving TIME!


The coming economic expansion will be HUGE…This is TYPICAL for these events…Swing that big PENDULUM one way for a LONG ARCH, and the RETURN SWING is just as LONG and STRONG but in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION. There’s also another force at play here…


At some point people in this country are just going to be SICK and TIRED of $AVING and BEING SCARED…When that point comes…WATCH this economy expand…It’s a MEMORY FUNCTION…When you whack your finger with a hammer it HURTS right away and you STOP hammering.
The MEMORY of that PAIN fades with time…Until…You hit it AGAIN!!!

We’ll work through this…

In the mean time…BUY ALL THE PROPERTY YOU CAN!!! Because as the HERD has shown us OVER and OVER and OVER…

THEY buy at the TOP and LOVE selling to YOU and ME at the BOTTOM!!!


Nicely put FDJAKE… :biggrin