Ford posts first sales increase in almost 2 years as stock hits $8.50

Believe it or not…

In 2 years…$8.50 will look like a BARGAIN.

A little more detail in this article…

Still have some of mine, wish I had it all still by money was in short supply. I made a ton so far though compared to my initial investment.

Glad to hear it Rich. Hang onto the rest of it…This down cycle is getting long in the tooth…

The economists say we entered this recession in 2007…WE KNOW it was a HELL of a lot earlier than that…They’ll miss the recovery date just as badly.

I’m not saying we’re completely out of the woods yet…But here’s what I’m starting to look at…

THE PLANET…Not China, Not India, Not the USA…THE PLANET is entering into what America entered in the late 1800’s…INDUSTRIALIZATION!!!

You WILL SEE the following, just as it occured HERE in the 1800’s, but this time on a GLOBAL SCALE!!

As people of the PLANET go to work in FACTORIES…They need to be FED…Farmers will make $$$ and BUSINESSES that SELL FOOD will make $$$$

These workers will want to BUY HOMES…whether it’s an apartment, or condo, or house…THEY’LL want their own…BUILDERS (believe it or not) will one day make $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ again…Happens over and over…It’s a boom/bust business…always has been, always will be.

These workers need to be kept relatively healthy…Pharma will make $$$$

They’ll need to get to work and even if they DON’T need a car for work…The CHINESE have PROVEN people who have NEVER had CARS…LIKE THEM!!! and want to BUY THEM!!!..Car companies will make $$$$

These workers will want to BUY THINGS with their money…Consumer product companies will make $$$$

It amazes me…People here are all bent out of shape about Obama, the DEMS, The REP’s…

WHO GIVES A SH*T…They’re gonna be there FOREVER because there’s to much $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ at stake.

Why do you REALLY think we can’t reform health care???
TOO MUCH $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ at stake!!!


WE ARE NOT GOING INTO 1930 again…We are GOING into a NEW industrial revolution…PLANET WIDE THIS TIME!!!

Ride it for all it’s worth…OR…Tell your grand kids how you once owned FORD STOCK at $2.00/share in 2008, but sold it 2 months later for $3.20/share and made $900…When in realty you should have been BUYING every share you could get your hands on and FORGETTING YOU OWNED IT…

Then…30 years from now…Your GRAND KIDS will be TELLING the story of how the families WEALTH was created when “Grampa” bought all that Ford stock when everyone told him they were going BANKRUPT!!! :shocked :shocked :shocked :shocked :shocked

Well, is this means celebration for Ford Motor Co? I think they really have a good strategy in marketing because they have good sales. right?

What fdjake said a while back was right on. He said that Ford will be building cars that people want. In the past, Ford cars styling never appealed to me. Yesterday, I walked out of my dentists office and a little car caught my eye. I looked at it and immediately wanted to know what it was. It was a Ford Fusion Hybrid!! I’ve never given a Ford a second look except for maybe a fully loaded Mustang. I just went onto the Ford website and saw the ad for the new Taurus. The old Taurus was ugly. This one is not! I think they have a bright future. It’s going to be long time before GM or Chrysler catches up- if they can.


This is the BEAUTY of investing in car companies. Those new Fusion pictures were on the web over a year ago. This is one of the FEW businesses that actually SHOW you what they’ll be building in the future. IF you have any eye for auto sytling, it doesn’t take much to recognize a WINNER…Wait until you see what’s coming for 2011 and 2012…

Ford’s product pipeline is BETTER than ANY car company on the PLANET!! That’s a bold statement but 100% true. Even industry rivals are admitting that Ford’s future products will be industry leaders.

It’s 1992 all over again…Only THIS TIME instead of Chrysler having the best pipeline…FORD does!!! In 92 you could have purchased Chrysler stock for $9/share. They BORROWED $1.2 BILLION in goverment backed loans but their PIPELINE was the strongest I had ever seen (until now with Ford) The end result???

Chrysler stock went from $9/share to $168/share in 5 years.

HOLD THOSE SHARES…Selling your Ford stock at this point in the game will HAUNT YOU. That sounds ridiculus I know, but believe me…PATIENCE…right now…will be rewarded by an amount you can not even imagine in a few years.
This stock will be the next Harley Davidson…EVERYONE will want a piece of this company and they’ll be willing to pay HUGE money for it on the NYSE.

Hang in there…This hasn’t even got warmed up yet!!!

Heard a guy on the radio today talking about a program at his dealership where you either get free gas or free guns with every car purchase. That program is a sidebar to the point I want to make though. He said he sells Ford, GM and Chrysler vehicles at his dealerships and he is having inventory problems now. He is calling the manufacturers and getting told they can’t get him any more cars to sell. The program he has is a success and his sales numbers have doubled but he might have to cancel it due to inability to order more cars. How many months back was Jake saying the demand will spike and supply will run short?

Back to the voucher program- He did the program to stir up media attention by putting guns in the title. Must have worked, at Hartford, CT radio station was interviewing him and he’s in the midwest. The voucher basically is for an AK-47, a TV, gas, etc. You don’t actually get those items direct from him, you can either take the voucher to a place that sells them and the dealer will wire the funds to the store or they can cut you a check for the $450 the voucher is worth.

I wish I had the brass balls you guys have dumping everything into one stock like ford. But on the other hand i’m glad I don’t.

Good luck guys.

If I lost what I invested I wouldn’t lose any sleep. The gains I got were nice but not life changing.

jfpen, i will try to check out that car. It sounds cool because you said it is better than old taurus… :biggrin

Rich_in_CT, i never heard about that program. I will Google it to learn more.

It’s very interesting to read John_in_NC’s comments on Ford.

What fascinates me about his remarks are how much Wall St. has brainwashed investors.

John says it takes “BRASS BALLS” to invest “everything” into Ford stock.

In my mind, with the level of knowledge I have in the automobile business and economic cycles…It would be FOOLISH for me to be invested anywhere else. It’s not about brass balls…It’s about KNOWING what you’re DOING and not screwing around.

I currently have just over 75,000 shares of Ford stock. I purchased the majority of that stake when the stock was under $2.00. By the way…This stock was UNDER $2.00 for almost the entire WINTER (Allagash can confirm this as we had many email conversations during that market turbulance and I told him what I was buyng)

So here’s the deal…I’ve got what amounts to about 3 house flips worth of $$$$ in this stock. If it ALL went to ZERO tommorow my life would not be affected in anyway. Sure it would hurt mentally…But here’s the question???

How do YOU, a guy buying and selling houses or renting them out (and probably working another JOB)…How do YOU put $1,000,000 in your BANK ACCOUNT… NET… while you’re still young enough to DO something with that money??? I know you can buy and rent out 20+ houses and put up with endless BS for 10 to 15 years THEN sell and MAYBE (depending on WHERE the market cycle is at the time) MAYBE walk away with $1 mil. But’s that’s a LOT of TIME, MONEY and a TON of BULLSH*T to deal with from COUNTLESS nit wit tenants for that payoff.

So…It’s not about having BRASS BALLS to BUY this stock…It’s about having the experience to simply REPEAT what you’ve seen happen in every recession in the auto business. It’s about having some knowledge of an industry and USING that knowledge to create enough capital to positively impact your life. NOT doing this, in my eyes is the mistake.

I can find another 3 houses to flip if this investment went down the tubes tomorrow. I’d recoup every penny I have into this. That wouldn’t be a problem. Throwing darts at a board trying to find another stock like FORD???
Now THAT would take brass balls!

Remember WHY I started writing about this stock…It wasn’t to show everyone I was RIGHT or how SMART I was…This stock was a DOG for well over a year.
The entire POINT fo all this information was to SHOW folks here that these things RE-OCCUR over and over. AND…TO DATE…I have YET to see a SINGLE MEMBER here consistantly post follow ups and updates on ANY stocks they are holding.

Guy’s like John_in_NC don’t feel comfortable buying a stock like this…
THAT’S SMART!!! The guy KNOWS he won’t be able to STAY with the investment because it doesn’t suit his comfort level…Again…That’s a VERY SMART investor!! AND…He’s got a very good rental business going…He’ll have his MILLION…He’ll just get there via a different route!!

PLUS…The dirty SOB gets PAID to fly PLANES!!! That right there beats any hand I could have up my sleeve.

What I HOPE will happen to John and some other members here is this…

They will SEE the Ford saga from brink to BOOM…They will SEE the come back…They will SEE what happens to a car companies stock AFTER a brutal recession…and they will REMEMBER IT!!! If it goes the way I think it will…THEY’LL NEVER FORGET WHAT THEY’RE ABOUT TO SEE!!!

Once they LEARN this is just a repeatable cycle which occurs during every recession…The gates of opportunity will swing open for them during the next down turn and they will BENEFIT from that knowledge.

Isn’t that what we’re all here for to begin with???..SHARING knowledge for the benefit of EVERYONE!!

Some folks will miss THIS ride with Ford…That’s OK…because what they will see over the next few years in that stock price will be burned into their memory for a LONG LONG TIME. At that point the thinking will come full circle to…“Ya know…If I had just sold just one pain in the @ss rental property or took some of my flip profits and used that money to buy Ford stock???”

That’s how we ALL learn…Guess how I know that???