ford posts $2.3bill profit

I love this for ford,proving private business can heal itself without govt bailouts.I hope it keeps up,maybe the brains(or lack of)in washington will notice.That is if they have’nt put theirselves in obama’s crosshairs with showing the evil,obsene “profit”.Its called capitalism stupid,if america does’nt have it it’s business economy will stay flat.

I have to thank fdjake for much of the insight on Ford. I bought 2500 shares at an average cost of 2.27 per share at the end of 2008. That $5700 investment is worth about $17,000 today. If my “lottery ticket” stock NNVC takes off, I could be millionaire sooner than planned.


I feel for the members here who shorted this stock or sold off their holdings…


You can live 80 years and see these opportunities maybe once or twice.

I LOVE all the people who thought Ford was going BANKRUPT :banghead

Do they READ???

Fords market share, conquest sales, quality, and UNIT SALES, are ALL UP!!!
They even BEAT TOYOTA for the last 2 MONTHS!!

Ground breaking labor contracts have SLASHED COSTS…

Add in a SCRAP rate (cars that are crushed) in the U.S. of 13 MILLION a year and a SALES rate of only 9 MILLION and this could only go ONE WAY…UP!!! WAY, WAY UP!! You can’t CRUSH MORE cars than you sell for very long!! DUH??

Hang in ther folks…


Pause for Property managers “Their still going bankrupt and I’m still short” comment…OK then…Back to the INVESTMENT

Car companies EXITING a recession become CASH COWS…This has occured without interuption since CARS have been on the road…

It’s a cycle you can set your WATCH by…

Economy slows…People keep their old cars and new car sales fall FAST and HARD.

Economy offically enters recession…People do anything to keep their old clunkers running (this has been confirmed by increased sales at AUTO ZONE, PEP BOYS, and Advanced Auto) So we KNOW this is happening…We have PROOF that things are progressing as they should in a recession.

Then the economy starts to show small glimmers of stability…Car sales SLOWLY start increasing…

Then…My FAVORITE PART…The RUSH…As we all know…A car is usually the second BIGGEST purchase most Americans ever make…As they purchase these NEW cars, the act itself GROWS THE ECONOMY…As the ecomomy GROWS it brings in MORE buyers…It’s a dog chasing it’s tail…As more people buy the cars they NEED (because their recession junker is on it’s last legs) More people follow them into showrooms as the economy wakes from it’s sleep. This is when car sales really pick up speed.

The BEAUTY of our current situation is FORD used this down turn to HAMMER the Unions for much needed concessions…Fords costs ARE NOW in line with Honda and Toyota and their retirees health care costs are now the Unions.

Now the FUN part…

Over the next 2 YEARS…DO NOT sell a SINGLE SHARE of this company. They have got some INCREDIBLE CARS in the pipe line. That pipeline is what DRAWS BUYERS…People have been driving OLD CARS during this recession the average US car is now 7 years old…These people will FLOOD showrooms over the next 2 years…

At that point…and remember who told you this…FORD STOCK will go higher than ANYONE thought possible.

How can I say this???

In 1992 I bought Chyrsler at $9 to $13/share…I SOLD IT at $60 and thought I was smart…

By 1996 the stock was at $150/share…HIGHER than ANYONE ever expected it to go…SO high in fact that MERCEDES purchased Chrysler for $168/share. ALL of the factors present today were in place then…The economy was exiting a very deep recession, Chrylser had THE BEST product pipeline in the industry (as FORD does now) and people had NOT purchased new cars for years during that recession.

The markets will react to Fords turn around with the same FORCE that drove the stock to $1.22 in November…Once the BIG BOYS get in…The sky is literally the limit.

Mullaly has a neat little clause in his contract…IF and When he gets the DIVIDEND back…He will be awarded 10,000,000 shares of Ford stock.
The FORD FAMILY has been WITHOUT that dividend for 3 LONG YEARS…
They want it BACK!!! When it comes back…This stock will blow through every estimate now in place on Wall Street.

Hang in there…The ride has just started!!