Ford increases Focus production by 30% to meet demand...IT'S STARTING..BOY'S!!!

You all know that I own a considerable amount of Ford stock. I know…Laugh all you want!!! I’m gonna laugh too…all the way to the bank in 2010!!!

Ford just announced today that they were increasing production of the Focus by 30% to meet unprecidented demand.

A few other interesting side notes…

The resigned Ford Escape/Mariner is BEATING the new Honda CRV in sales.
(This summer the Escape/Mariner will get the NEW V-6 and the new 6 speed transmission, FURTHER increasing already decent gas mileage)

The Edge and MKX are blowing past all initial sales estimates. (Ford originally forecasted 10,000 units/month…They’re selling…16,000!!!)

JD Power just released new quality rankings…Ford is now TIED with HONDA & TOYOTA!!

This summer Ford releases the new FLEX (, a 7 passenger Crossover, with a 6 cylinder, and 6 speed automatic. The Edge/MKX with the same motor and Tranny get over 25 MPG hi-way. Ford already has more advance orders than it estimated. (Nice alterative to the 15mpg SUV’s out there, it’s also available with the Volvo derived ALL WHEEL DRIVE system)

Also this summer, Lincoln will release a redesigned MKS which looks GREAT!!

What you need to understand is this…NO ONE…NO ONE…is expecting Ford to do ANYTHING…Are these new models my DREAM CARS??? NO, they aren’t…They don’t have to be…All they need to
be is…BETTER THAN WHAT THEY REPLACE!!! If that happens, Fords sales increase and WALL STREET WILL TAKE NOTICE.

Ford continues to close their excess dealers, they WILL be a smaller, BUT PROFITABLE company in the next few years.

Once Wall St. FINALLY catches on, this stock which now trades at $6.80/share, should be a mind blower as far as appreciation goes.

I’ve been in the car business for over 15 years, this is NOTHING new. It happens in EVERY recession.

BUY IT, or wish you had.


Thanks for the update.

A spotty credit record?..What’s that? You mailed back the keys to your mortgage lender and you still want that Ford Focus? Well…I don’t know if I can run this through Ford Motor Credit…but let me see what I can do:



I guess this is real estate related – if you live in your car!


I can’t argue with your point Keith.

I just figured that a lot of people are looking for places to invest money that isn’t actually losing ground. This might be ONE option…

It’s all about building WEALTH.

Keith…even if you just buy some for your kids…I STRONGLY believe you will not regret it.

Thanks for the tip…my kids are 26 and 23-1/2 and both have jobs. I’ll pass the tip on to them but there’s about 0% chance of me buying them any…after paying for their college, the “National Bank of Dad” has closed it’s Wyoming Branch!


WOW… Man, am I out to lunch. For some unknown reason I thought you had young kids. I’d being doing the same if my son was that age. :biggrin :biggrin :biggrin :biggrin

“The Boy” is 26, graduated from college after playing four years of varsity football in Danville, VA. My daughter decided college wasn’t quite for her but spent almost 4 years at Virginia Commonwealth University anyway.


It took me 7 years to finish. After I enlisted and had to start paying back $30K in student loans, I figured I’d better finish and have something to show for that money.

It took me 10 years while I was enlisted. It’s hard work going to school, having a family, and being in the military! I wanted better for my kids. I agreed to pay for each of their bachelor’s degrees.


I also spent 10 years paying my way thru college. But I hope some monthly cashflow sometime soon will help with my 30yr college loan payment schedule. I also contribute to my ROTH IRA, so I will look into Ford. It is a good time to invest in a lot of companies that are streamlining their operations and cutting off the fat.

There is a new start up company called “Sheets for Seats” that will tie into the Ford Focus campaign. They will sell very well to all those people that give up their houses to purchase a Focus. Buy the stock now, get in on the ground floorboard.

John $Cash$ Locke

To all you guy’s talking about people losing their homes…

DON’T WORRY…Ford’s got them COVERED TOO!!!

Why buy real estate??? Show me a house that gets 30MPG!!! :biggrin :biggrin

Reminds me of my old vw van I had in college.

If i thought Honda, Toyota, GM, and even Hyundai were going to do NOTHING, i’d say buy Ford stock.

I don’t think those have “nothing” planned.

I’ve been posting for months to buy this market when the blood was in the streets…Had anyone got long when the end of the world was suppose to happen 2 months ago they would be up size…Buy em when they hate em…And Ford is hated,even though I don’t own a single share of Ford…

Feast or famine type of markets right now…I don’t think the smoke has cleared yet but Citigroup came out with great numbers…This market has made an incredible rebound…I own stocks and closed end funds that are up %5 in 3 trading sessions…Never mind my coveted QQQQ that has bounced $6 (%15) from its $41 low…Contrarian investing is the only way…

FDjake,I %100 agree with you…These kind of posts are about building wealth…Real estate is just another way to earn…Greed is good :bobble

fdjake, I sincerely hope that you are right and that you make a ton of money.

I’ve been long on Boeing (since 96), Google (since 2005) and recently added Visa (V) after IPO at $59.00/share (I missed the boat on Master card though) … to my porfolio. So far … I have been rewarded nicely/handsomely with these stocks.

I don’t buy on hype, speculation, prediction or rumor. I do throughoutly research and I only invest in a company based on its valuation and fact. I also believe that investing is a long term commitment, not a short term or timing the market.


I’ve been long on Boeing (since 96), Google (since 2005) and recently added Visa (V) after IPO at $59.00/share (I missed the boat on Master card though) … to my porfolio. So far … I have been rewarded nicely/handsomely with these stocks.

Not another person posting what they bought 2 years ago…LOL…These posts are worthless…Put your balls on the chopping block and say what you are buying today or tomorrow…Anyone can say they bought this or that 10 years ago…I don’t buy any of it…No offense…

I am thinking of some Berkshire Hathaway since the prices are down a bit. What do you think it will do if Warren retires?

First off…Honda and Toyota are ALREADY great car companies. They will CONTINUE to be great car companies. My investment is based on the single idea that in a relatively short period of time (2 - 3 years) Ford, which has THE HIGHEST quality ratings of ANY car maker INCLUDING HONDA AND TOYOTA will JUST DO BETTER THAN THEY HAVE IN THE PAST. They don’t have to BEAT Honda or Toyota they just have to BEAT FORD’S PAST DISMAL HISTORY!! Like Rookie said…Contrarian investing (going against the crowd) is the way to invest. Ford stock WILL RISE because they have a well thought out plan, they are executing that plan, and that plan is working.

I would also like to Publically Thank ROOKIE NYC for opening my eyes to the wonderful world of long term options!!

THANK YOU!!! :beer

I bought January 2010 Ford $7.50 calls a few weeks ago (1.20 to 1.35). Those options represent 20,000 shares of Ford stock. My plan is to hold the options and actually EXERCISE them sometime near the January 2010 experation. For anyone who doesn’t understand options, they allow you to buy Ford stock at $7.50 right up until 2010 regardless of Fords price at that point. So, instead of spending $140,000 (20,000 shares of Ford stock at $7/share = $140K) I am able to CONTROL the same 20,000 shares for a FRACTION of that $140,000… Just over $25,000 to be exact!!! I am able to LEAVE $115,000 in my account to use for buying and selling real estate. If my theory is proven correct…I can convert those options to shares and either sell the stock or continue to hold it.

In my experience these opportunites represent TREMENDOUS potential to increase your net worth in a relatively short period of time. POUNCE ON THEM WHEN YOU CAN!!!

Again THANK YOU ROOKIE!! I remember arguing with you a few times about stock market investments. You have FORGOTTEN more about investing in stocks than I will ever know!!! Thanks for the advice! ( I do listen)

The value this site brings it’s users is immeasureable.

Mine are on the block…we will ALL see how it turns out.