How can I find a list of homes that will be going into foreclosures soon? Is it the county courthouse?

there are a number of threads going about this, if your county has a website, they may have placed their data on the website, otherwiared you will need to go to the courthouse and research it there.

Other than trying the websites you could try your local newspapers. Though if you try the websites your best choice is to look under the county sheriiffs auctions/foreclosures. Your local newspaper might have it under the legal advertising section.


Here’s another very efficient method, but not all inclusive, have a realtor perform a search on the multiple listing service for ‘pre-foreclosures’. These searches are quick, easy and very accurate. But like I said this list isn’t all inclusive-but the legal section of your local paper is. Depending on the state the foreclosure notice has to run in the paper a certain amount of consecutive weeks before foreclosure can be accomplished.

What ever you do don’t waste your money on an internet foreclosure listing service-their old, outdated and costly. Talk to a realtor that wouldn’t mind doing the searches for you (they won’t mind at all, especially if the have first chance at representing you for a purchase).

Hope this helps