Forclosure Listings

I’m new to RE investing. Where can I find good foreclosure listings? When are foreclosure auctions announced and where can I find them?


Good free places to start looking are your local paper (in the legals section), or the county courthouse seat.

Or…if you don’t want to ride down to the courthouse and would rather search for foreclosure listings online in your underwear you can do so for about $50 a month for a subscription to Out of all of them I found them the most accurate and current including an option where they actually show how many times a homeowner has gone into default but has so far avoided foreclosure so you can sharpen your pencil ahead of time.

Plus the site just has a ton of great educational. foreclosure info articles on it - which are free

Cheers _/ :beer

You could go about it much cheaper if you subscribe to you local legal paper. I subscribe to mine and get a paper twice a week for $60 a year. Of course it’s all listings in mine and one adjoining county, but I don’t need anything any further out.

Usually to find the good stuff you need to buy a subscription service for a monthly fee. I’d say its worth it if you are seriouslly interested in getting involved in the business.

This site actually has free listings, not free trial like others.

Once again we have a web site misrepresenting itself as offering information on homes in foreclosure but which is, in fact, nothing more than providing info on REOs… a whole nuther ball of wax.

The dead giveaway is the fact that every single damn home has a listing agent.

Get a clue people! Homes in default usually do not have listing agents!! The people have given up trying to sell! That’s why they’re in foreclosure!!

I agree more with gilbequic, I use the local legal paper for postings. I spoke with a subscription service and they admitted their listings weren’t any better than those postings, but that they offered a more customized search and organizational features that justified the price.

I would say try the legal paper first then try a subscription service on atemporary basis.

so this menas that bank reo sites that list there reo’s, are not good deals since they have listing agents?

Not necessarily. You need to look at each deal individually. There certainly are good deals to be found with REOs.