Forclosure list and auction

Yea im kinda confused here. Keep talking about court house sales linked directly with forclosures? I know there sales at the court house (forclosure sales, tax deliquent sales) and such but if there is a list for you to bid on the propertys why is there an auction? I mean Is there an auction for the propertys that arnt sold before hand? or is the list for the propertys that havnt sold at the auction or are bought back by the bank or lender? What I mean by list are the forclosure list offered on ebay and stuff. is it that these list are list that come out after the auction?

I will try to answer your questions as I understand them. The foreclosure list is a list of properties that are posted at the court house for foreclosure 21 days before the first Tuesday of the following month. These lists are compiled by companies that go to the court house and copy down all the foreclosure notices that are posted in the court house hall near the entrance. Of these properties the ones that have not been cured by the debtor, sold by the debtor or the debtor has not filed bankruptcy, are sold by the deed of trust trustee on behalf of the bank or secured party to the highest bidder. If the trustee receives no bids higher than what the trustee bids on behalf of his client, then the bank will take back the property.

There are properties listed for sale on ebay and other places that have already been foreclosed.

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Yea, thats what I thought. Thank you for your reply.