forclosure assistance groups

Hi everyone,

I’m new to the business, but have found what seems to be a real opportunity. It is the forclosure assistance groups, such as “”. These groups advertise they are in busienss to help the homeowners. All I have to do is sign on and sign up the homeowners and the commissions are mine.

Is this a real opportunity, or am I just so new to the business that I’ve missed something obvious?



Howdy Homeguysee:

Looks like a lot of visitors to the Redwood site. I see on the bottom of the page that they are not yet open for business. Do you know why? If you find some free money for homeowners who are behind on their houses will you get me $80,000 so i will not have to refinance my house this month. It sounds great but watch for the punch line. I spoke to a group like this out of Atlanta, Ga a CHRISTIAN NON PROFIT that said they would loan me the money at 6 % or get me a grant. When I asked for the check they asked for the deed. They wanted to buy the house and not help with grants or non profit. WATCH OUT Do not send them your Jag payment.

Thanks Ted,

I’ll check the fine print and let you of any surprises. You can see on the website a “it seems too good to be true but it’s not” section. Somehow, free money always is too good to be true.

I understand this group is a new one and just about to open officially for business this coming week.

If anyone else has any experience with this type of group, I would sure appreciate your comments.

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