forclosers or buying before autions in a short sale

I’m tring to get a general idea.
what does everyone think.
Buying properties before the for-closer auction or buying properties at auctions. which does everyone think is the easiest and which does everyone think you can generate the most profit?

I think you will get various opinions on this one. You often can get foreclosure properties for less direct from the homeowner if you purchase it from them, or do a short sale with their bank. You will have to trust that the seller is being honest with you, and the benefit is being able to go into the house to see what needs to be done.

At auction, you are buying sight unseen most times, and you could end up with a property that you otherwise wouldn’t have bid on if you had been able to assess repairs ahead of time. However, past liens are normally cleared (I think except IRS liens) when you buy from the bank. You also don’t have to worry about offending anyone with a low offer LOL!