For those afraid of evicting

Hope this doesn’t offend. I thought it was funny. An agent in another forum posted a lighthearteded disertation on why landlords shouldn’t be afraid to evict. She said, “even God does evictions”. Adam got the boot without a 3 or 5-day notice, so why should we be afraid?

We thought it was original and funny. Maybe it can help relieve the landlord stress for some of us, even if you aren’t “religious”.

I liked it.


THANK YOU! I’ve done a LOT of evictions, but never really enjoyed kicking a young mother with a new baby out to the street during the middle of winter. NOW I REALIZE THAT IT’S REALLY JUST MY BIBLICAL DUTY!

I feel better!


Good one Mike. A guy I work with owns apartment complexes in Michigan. There was this couple with a young baby that was getting evicted. Well, right before the eviction the boyfriend ran out and left the mother and child to fend for themselves. The rules there were that they could take everything out of the apartment at the time of eviction and set it by the street. Here it was, January, a foot of snow on the ground, and the maintenance guys were taking her tv, bed, couch, and whatever else and setting them by the street. I am glad I wasn’t working with at the time, that kind of stuff is definitely necessary, but it is still sad to see.

Don’t feel bad here, the boyfriend is the bad guy he not only screwed the girlfriend but you also. And the girlfriend is at fault for picking a jerk to live with.

people end up with their stuff on the curb usually as a result of a long series of bad choices and decisions.

While I try not be a jerk, I leave the running of a social services counseling program to people who are “experts” (the government).

this is certainly one worth saving…maybe I’ll include it with my next pay or quite notice :D.

aak… I get what you are saying. I am 100% for people standing responsible for themselves. In this situation the only “victim” was the child. I believe that both the man and woman in this story are responsible and therefore created this mess they got (the eviction). Maybe that’s one of the reasons I have not yet become a landlord. Thanks for the input aak and bluemoon