? for Texas Realtors


can someone give me an idea of what it costs t get a Texas RE license, what the process is, and if any of the online schools worth it? Also, what is the averge agent commision, and is the flat fee approach taking over

Thank you

go to the trec website for licensing info or a proprietary school such as champions. they can give you break down. you can also interview brokers prior to licensure and they can often give you a business plan break down. course work and licensing is the beginning and ranges from 200 and up. depending on where classes are taken. larger costs are CE, membership in NAR and local AR as well as monthly and quarterly mls membership, showing appt. service, supra keys, errors and omissions ins. and other misc. expenses. you then have marketing costs to market yourself, as well as upfront marketing for listings. or gas and increased car insurance costs for working with buyers. commissions are set by brokers that you work for, depending on your agency agreement you may be able to offer flat fee service and or negotiate individually on your own with clients for fees, and that will always allow you to be more competitive.

In Austin, I think I pay $1200 a year for board access. The key is $100 and each listings box is $100. I had a college degree, so only had to take the minimal number of classes. I think they were about $520. The test cost $60 or so. Practice test was $99 I think.

How to get a license:

Course providers:

Austin Board http://abor.com/
Houston Board http://har.com/
Dallas http://www.dfwrealtors.com/
San Antonio http://sabor.com/