For Sale By Owner

Can anyone expailn what is to be done to sell by a owner. does the owner need a licence to sell. what are all the leagal issues the seller needs to be aware of?. any resources also will be appreciated.

There are a myriad of things that MUST be done, a whole bunch of stuff that SHOULD be done…

This NOT a first-timer’s do-it-yourself Harry Homeowner project. There are a bunch of landmines to step on legally. If it is done wrong, it can tie a property up for years, literally!

An owner does not need a license to sell but if you have never done a property transaction start-to-finish, then I strongly recommend assistance.


Thank you for the assitance. but i do not have much equity in the property since itsonly 6 months since i bought it. so if i seel it using a realtor i will not get any money. I am willing to do the jo myself. is there any book that outlines the steps.
Thanks Again!

I am sure that there are plenty…check out the bookstore. Someone here might recommend also.

Where are you?



Well, judging by the Property Ladder show, the price of your house should double every week!

LOL…sorry. I couldn’t resist!

check into or this way you get the contracts and all that done for you and I know here in Colorado its real cheap plus you get the house on the MLS