For Rent yard signs

Does anyone have a good source for “For Rent” signs to put in yards, or good alternatives for yard signs? I hate the signs that they sell at Home Depot or whatever, I think they look cheap and tacky, so I was thinking something a little more professional with my companies logo on it to advertise available units. I would only need a few to get started, and I know those big signs that realtors use for their houses can be expensive.

How many signs are we talking about here? if you use the same signs investors use to buy, they will cost you about $2/sign give or take $0.50/sign. Not much for 10 or 20 signs.

The metal signs, do cost more. I believe in the $20-$60/sign depending on the colors, and such. You probably will find cheaper sources online. These tend to be more professional looking and they tend to last longer. Checkout this site, but i have not used them.

If your logo has multiple colors, then you may want to just get stickers of your logo done, then get the 1 or 2 color signs and make room for the logo sticker. Just an idea.

An alternative, although this is far out there and requires investigating is if you can find someone who will cut aluminum sheet into 18x24 squares. I imagine this would be much cheaper and you should find someone at a hardware store. Then get 18x24 stickers, which should not cost much (although they may have a minimum order size to consider a discount). 2 stickers per sheet for double sided, or 1 for 1-sided.

Stakes wise, you can get the same metal stakes builders use and bolt the signs to it (1 sided), or get the metal frame (about $8) for double sided.

You might save for doing it yourself, but the issue will be finding someone who prints that large of stickers at reasonable price considering the quantity.

Just some thoughts.

Awesome, thanks for the tips!

We make our own signs through a printing company for $6-$7 each

What does the printing company include for that price? Just the sign itself, or do they include any stand might be needed to support the sign? Are these plastic signs, metal, etc?