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I have read some of the recent posts and I see that some people are refering to other rei sites and posting there links. I have not read all the rules and I personally would not do that because i would feel like I would be disrespecting this site which I love dearly. I am just wondering before I read the rules, is that legit here.

Hi, I have read the rules located at


personaly, I love reading on lots of new forums. There is new information by different people that can help us all learn from each others experience.

While I have yet to explore all areas of this great forum, I also try and contribute from my experiences. If I know of anothers post that is a better answer to a question than I could give, I refer people. I would not want to take credit for someone elses advice.

In short, I love this forum, I also read and love other forums. It is all about self education to make us all successful at what we do.

See ya on the boards.

I have read all of the Terms of Use and I saw nothing on it. Thanks for the link reime.

The forum rules state on this issue:

Do not post advertisements, solicitations, or offer your services;

do not post networking, leads, mentors, or partner requests;

Posting of third party links that will help the poster in their question is ok with the above limitations.

Third party is that the poster gets no benefit from posting the link.

Sometime, we forget that this forum has a wealth of information if we just search a little and post links related within the forum.

Your are vary correct about this forum, and if one is true they will stay if a link draws them, away they were never true to this forum.

Have a great day or evening!

Thanks for the clarification johnmichael. It just feels like that a certain website is being plugged.

Please feel free to share any insights you have from other forums. I am sure there are tons of sites I have not visited.

I would have never found this one had I not read the link from another forum.
Look forward to sharing.

See ya on the boards