Follow up!

Greetings board,

I bought a marketing home study course last year called the Motivated Seller Magnet by Ben Innes-Ker. What a great crash course in real estate marketing 101. One of the most important points Ben hammers home is the importance of repetitive follow up.

What’s your strategy for following up on leads? And how many “steps” do you go out in your campaign implementation?

I use a software program called RealProspect that manages my campaigns and follow-up reminders. Only created 2 campaigns so far. One for preforeclosures that is a 4-step letter campaign with each step mailed every 6 days. The other is a “interested but not ready” campaign that has 9 steps (also letters) mailed every 25 days.

I recently bought Jeff Adam’s websites (one for buying, one for selling). They’re great but I’m still trying to figure out how to effectively implement the follow-up flags, autoresponders, etc.

The key in your post is the importance of the “follow up” in real estate. The important factor is not what tools you use for following up but just the fact you follow up.

Here’s an interesting real life example. For several years I had a bird-dog working for me that never made under $100,000 per year. He would tell you the most important tool he had was his strong commitment to following up with hundreds of potential deals.

His follow up tool…about 300 pages he carried with him on a daily bases with the contact information and the history on a few hundred deals he was always following up on.

Peter V.

I think this is one of those things where you really need to test what your local market will tolerate when it comes to follow ups. Personally, I wouldn’t suggest to send more than 3 emails a week, which is probably overkill as it is. My recommendation would be to break up your lists into smaller groups and send the same follow-up sequence to each list, only changing the time frames. Then just see which one gives you more responses.

I definitely believe in a drip marketing strategy… Also understand that various types of marketing are preemptive and some are reinforcement… a good strategy is to make certain that you don’t just do a hit one time and forget it…

A lot of investors send out a mail piece and think it isn’t working and the reality is that a prospect needs to be touched a few times before they say yes to anything…

Good Luck