Follow Up System!


Would anyone be willing to share how they follow up on different leads?

I myself do a lot of door knocking for foreclosure houses and also deal with Commercial mortgage leads. I find it very overwhelming and lose track deals that are currently in the mill and deals that might come later on.

Is their any particular method anyone in here uses?

Any helpful organization tips?

What about any particular computer software?

I have a filing cabinet and a folder for each property. I have an active drawer of deals I am working on right now. On the folder I have a sheet of paper with a check list to show just were I am on that deal. I put the newest paper work in front so it is a descending trail. I keep a lot of notes on every thing I do or people I talk to.
Once the deal is done I move it to a finished drawer or a bust drawer. That way I can go back and learn from both drawers. Possible leads go in there own drawer and I keep a sheet on the front of that folder to show what calls or mailings I have done if there was any response etc…. I also record all calls (tell the folks on the other end I am recording to stay legal). This recording has helped me a lot when I go back and listen to it when I have questions on what I said or the other party said. I also use speech to text software and read my notes into the computer and print out the typed sheet of the notes so I can read my writing a week or month down the road, that has help me a lot also.
I also have a white board that I keep track of the active deals on the wall right in front of me. It is a summary of what is in the file folder.
There is software packages out there but have no idea how good they are.


Thank you for your reply

Really sounds like you got it 2gether.

I have a pretty organized desk as well my problem usually comes in when I am traveling in my car. I do a lot of work out-side of Miami.
Most of the time my car is more my office then anything else