Is putting flyers on car wipers a good marketing strat?

On would be okay…underneath will probably be better.


To me, this is a personal choice. I don’t like throwing out flyers when people leave them on my car, and I make it a point to never do business with anyone who markets this way…even if I would need the service or product.

It’s cheap, though.

Give it a try and see what happens, I guess.

It’s not very strategic, tho.

You can be selective based on the type and condition of the car. That’s a little more targeted.

Or you can target a store “type”. Dollar General would be better than Walmart or a grocery store. The local pawn shop would be even better.

Strategy becomes less of an issue when something is cheap, though. There’s no need to overthink this.

I would not try to profile based on the kind of car for two reasons. First, I’ve bought houses from people who drove very nice cars. Some people are just over-extended. Second, if you’re already in the lot posting flyers, there’s not much of an incremental investment in getting every car on the lot as opposed to just the '76 Gremlins with one whitewall tire.

I do agree that some stores will be a more target-rich environment. As for pawn shops, I’d talk to the owner and see if you could just put up like a table tent or something else to hold flyers and business cards right there at the window.

Thanks guys

Paul’s the pro. I spent too many years in target marketing.

Funny about cars. Today we were door knocking at preforeclosures and I noticed that these people drove better cars than we do. So we started paying attention about 8 out of the 10 homes had cars that were less than two years old. That is why they can’t pay their mortgage, because of their huge car payment.

True. Little correlation between car and financial acumen or net worth for that matter (Read Millionaire next door) . Last three homes that I have gone to to stop foreclosure had these cars… (not paid for)

Ford Escape
Chevy Tahoe
Ford Suburban

Each could not have been more than 2-3 yrs old