flyers that work?

I have beeen working on designing a new flyer to mail to clients in preforeclosure. I am looking for suggestions, what has worked for you? I hate to come across as a cheesy “we buy homes” type of guy, but I am scared to venture far from that. So any suggestions as to what has made your phone ring would be helpful. I am using a very large flyer size 8.5wide x 5.5 tall. I am hoping with the larger size and a strong message my phone will ring more. Thanks in advance.

Are you stuffing these in envelopes?

If so, why are you using only a half-sheet of paper? Why not a full-size sheet?

Your biggest challenge is getting your envelope opened. At a minimum, I would not use a business name in the return address, especially if it’s obvious what you do. I would also use only traditional first-class stamps. No metered mail. If your list is small, hand-write your envelopes. If your list is large, cherry-pick the ones that are the best deals and at least hand-write those.

I’m also seeing better results using colored envelopes and colored letters.

You might also try what some call “lumpy mail.” Put a pencil in the envelope or something else to make the envelope lumpy.

I am pretty convinced that half the battle is not the letter itself but the envelope and what shows on the outside.

As for the letter, make sure you’re talking more about benefits than anything else. Talk about why you’re the one from the crowd that should get a phone call. And make sure your recipients have more than one way to get in touch, not just a phone call. Some people are too shy or scared to call you, so if they can email you or use a Web form, all the better.

Just remember…when everyone else is “zigging,” you should be “zagging.” Think about what your competition is writing and do something that is a little different.

If you send enough mail, you should always be testing different elements to see which panel is getting the better results. For example, in one panel, you use a typed font letter, and in another, you use a computer-generated hand-written font. Did one pull better? Keep repeating this process until you have what’s called a “control,” which is the panel that always pulls better, and keep trying to beat it.

This particular run is for a jumbo size postcard. I am familiar with all of the tactics that you referenced, thanks for your input though. I am basically trying to create a flyer that seperates me from the competition, I am nervous if I shy away from the “we buy homes” image, my phone won’t ring.


Can I assume by your moniker that you are in/around Chicago? If so, I can possibly help you with some marketing ideas that work in Chicago. Each market is a little different.

For me the key is repitition. I might only get a .5% response on the first round, but by the time I am into round 4 or so, I get a 20% response rate. You go with a name you see and trust, if you keep in front of people it works.

That is why BUD had 9 or so commercials during the Super Bowl alone.