Flyer Legalities

Hi Guys! I just wanted to ask you guys if there any specific rules when distributing flyers around town. I have my cell phone number and e-mail on them. I want to put the flyers on cars in the local wal-mart and drop them at run down houses in my target area. Is there anything I should know? Thanks Everyone!

I have had a car painted because of a flyer on my car. Do you really want to get a bad name doing that?

Besides you will make an enemy really fast with Walmart parking people with all the litter in the parking lot.

Some counties have ordinances that do not allow what you are attempting to do in a parking lot.

Now placing flyers door to door. That is something is okay. I have done Post it Notes by the thousands.

You get a few cracked calls that are fun if you record them.

Don’t put them on cars. It really annoys people, and last thing you want is to annoy them. Put it on their house doors. Even then, you will get angry callers from time to time.