Flyer delivery ideas

Hello. One of the things i am looking to do in my marketing campaign to find motivated sellers is to leave flyers in mailboxes (on the outside of course) in specific neighborhoods. However, I find this to be a bit labor intensive. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to find someone else to do this for me? Writing an ad in the newspaper advertising that I need a flyer deliverer is one idea I thought of. Does anyone have any others? I am hoping to pay someone $50 or so to deliver flyers for about 3 hours every week.



  • college kids
  • kids who already deliver community newspapers
  • people who already deliver advertisement “baggies” if that exists in your area
  • advertise on sites such as - it’s free
  • just drive the areas you want to market, and start talking to people, or stop in area gas stations or convenient stores and ask the help if they want to make some extra $$$ for some easy work