Fluffy carpet

Quick question on carpets… I saw a house this afternoon that is going to an auction in the begining of September. The flooring looks very nice - the only thing is that the carpet seems fluffy in some areas - like if the person who installed it did not stretch it all the way. For example, in one of the bedrooms it looks like they installed more carpet than needed and as a result there is a lump/fluffy area in the middle.

Is it something that can be easily fixed? Or will I have to remove the carpet and re-install/install a new one?

It sounds like a simple thing - I am also going to ask at a local carpet store. But I thought about asking it here also…

Have a great weekend!

Sounds to me as though you could just have an installer come out and stretch the rooms that look bad?

We just had a carpet stretched by an installer on his lunch hour–$35.


Thank you. I thought it would be an easy fix… Have a good weekend!

being the carpet has to be re kicked pull up a section of carpet and just take a look you might find beautifull hardwood floors you can sand and refinish.It may cost a little more but you will get a better return.this also depends on your budget

Carpenter - will do. Thank you for the tip.