florida real estate?

let me know your opinion on the flaorida real estate market . i have a home for sale there.

I am a miami real estate attorney and I pay fairly close attention to the Florida market. My opinion is that it is overpriced right now and in for a correction, especially the Miami condo morket. That being said, I am still bullish on Florida real estate over the long term. From a long term perspective I think Florida real estate is still a steal.
What do you think? What are you selling?

i think you hit it on the head. i have a house for sale that normally would of sold in 2 weeks at this price but it is a bit slow for now. i might have to put a renter in it till we pick back up. I just made this blog to show more pictures. i also have it on ebay and with a real estate agent. i think its a steal at this price. but who knows.

Realestate in FL hasn’t slowed down yet. Where is your house located?

mine is on the water in port richey. near tampa and clearwater. you can see it at my blog. click on link below. thanks

Thanks. we will check it out