Florida Market

I am wondering how the Florida Market looks… Does anyone have information for me in regards to a hot area?

not to many hot areas anymore…some action still alive in preconstruction and condo converisions just north of tampa area… preconstruction still ok but stable in northport…but your better off looking into the atlanta area or charlotte NC areas now.

Thanks so much for the information… We are doing great here in Myrtle Beach with the preconstruction condos but as an employee I am still interested in other areas. Have a great day!

If you want the real poop on an area, try this link: https://www.melissadata.com/lists/ezlists/ezhomeowners.aspx

Just enter the zip code and it will give you the data that you are looking for such as:

Month-Year Sale Number of Sales for Month Avg Sale Price
05-2006 83 $435,000.00
04-2006 69 $376,000.00
03-2006 73 $377,000.00

By the way, the info above is for zip 33176 (South Florida), Looks like there are still some hot spots in Florida… =[:-)]

Have fun!

I typed in my local zip codes where I know in Broward county and the prices are way off…comparin the avg price is over 360K and they do not report that…its not accurate in my opinion

If you have access to MLS, I would be interested in the comparison data.

no I do not have access…but in the 33316 zip code, you will only really see million dollar homes since its all intercoastal homes in ft lauderdales most upscale neighborhood where homes generally got for 2mil and up…Condo’s will be in the 500K range…never a home…many homes over 5mil range…

33312 is plantation…humm…homes start in th 400’s and go into the 1mil mark, depending if on golf course…there is a small section in 33312 with homes in the high 200’s and mid 300’s but this is a small percentage of the area.

Also it gets inaccurant since you can not comp a home by zip code avg prices…to many homes in a zip…In Fl one block can change from the other, with all the sub divisons and condos…

I see my zip code…homes run from 286-375K…condos run from 200-300K…yet the avg was 226K…and high sales…not that much activity by me really…

I have some Realtor friends in Miami and I will see if they can run a report with your zip for last month’s average $ amount per house and quantity of sales.

Now I am really curious if the data, from the link that I provided, is comparible to the MLS report.

I will post back as soon as possible.


It would be great to get hold of this information. Thanks guys…

According to Forbes.com and USAToday.com, the average sales price for homes in Ft. Lauderdale is $262,200. From the posting I read here, I would like to know what info supplier is accurate.

Please post what you find out, thanks.

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1st south florida is broken into 3 counties, Palm Beach, Broward and Dade. each with there own median price ranges but all very close ranging fro about $350-375K. These prices are based on SFH not the condo market.

Now if you can find a 3br home or even a 2br home in SoFl for 262K, your lucky or its a real rehabber in need or bad bad neighborhood. It will not be done in a decent family area… Now Median price is the 50/50 mark for pricing of homes sold. so in your can 50% sold for over 262K and 50% below…A figure that is way off, since all family neighborhoods will comp out on a family home for 290K and up with no problem…These were the starter homes at 150-185K less than 3yrs ago…

check out the archieved articles at sunsentinel.com

Thanks for the information. It just goes to show you can’t believe everything you read. I have generally found information from investors in the area, is more realistic than a researcher behind a desk.

Thanks Again,
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Orlando is still hot, not like last summer but anything good goes immediately.

Thanks for the information. Some of the lenders I work with have some properties coming up in Orlando, I will take a much harder look at them now.

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