Florida LLC

I am moving towards setting up my Florida LLC. I need to have an authorized agent…Is this a local lawyer I pay to receive my legal mail? I am confused on this one.

Thanks guys,


Do you live in FL? If so, then you can be the registered agent.

If not, then any individual living in the state can be your registered agent, even your attorney if s/he meets the residency requirement.

The need for a registered agent is NOT to receive mail, but for the LLC to have a physical address and an individual to receive notice of service in the event of a legal action against the LLC.

Here is my deal,

I am living in Florida currently, but I will be leaving in a few months. Can I open a PO Box that fwds to whereever I am living in the US?

I have family in town too if the first idea doesn’t work.



You can have any address you want for your business correspondence, even a P.O. Box.

Your LLC must have a physical address where the registered agent can receive notice of service. The two addresses do not have to be the same.

Thanks so much Dave.