Florida Land Trust?

My wife purchased a condo as a rental in Florida (Florida was not my choice) and wants to put it into a land trust with her LLC as benificiary. Does anyone know of any special precautions to be aware of for a Florida land trust and approximately what the costs would be? I checked the Osceola County web site and it didn’t list land trusts. I assume that I would record the land trust with the Clerk of the Circuit Court, is that correct?

Thanks for any information anyone can give me on this.

Don’t forget to check out the tranfer taxes. She will also need to have the LLC registered in her home state as well as FL and she will need a FL registered agent.

Thanks BLL for your insights.

you should check out the book (available on Amazon) and website of Mark Warda who is an atty based in Flordia. he is a well known authority on land trsut.

Thanks aak5454, I’ll take a look at it.