Florida - Federal Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act Section 1702-Help

Property under construction, Naples, Fl. Builder has been more than 2 years building, still not finished. Subject ruling indicates possible to cancel contract if builder has not completed construction within 2 year period. Has anyone run into this situation? If so how did you determine builder is in violation and what steps taken to cancel contract with builder.

I guess you want out of a contract. Your better off waiiting if your not making interest payments on a CTP loan. The market there can not get much lower, but will take time to recover.

As for time frames. .Read the contract carefully or give to an attorney all the pages. I got into an arguement with one builder. Took 7 months for the permits to start and was told 9months to complete. Somewhere in fine print, it says 9 months to complete once ground breaking starts…

NAPLES, FLORIDA - wow. Congrats on doing business there. I know that area very well.

There are more Ferraris, Porsches, and Hummers per square mile in Naples than anywhere else in the great state of Florida. Odds are your potential buyers are very rich and very capable of snapping up a prime property.

Call your lawyer…