Floor spill/leaky ceiling

I have an up and down duplex with an upset downstairs tenant. Despite my best efforts to caulk around the tub and walls in the bathroom, when the tenant upstairs doesn’t use a bathmat getting out of the shower, water occasionally finds its way through the kitchen ceiling of the downstairs tenant. I’ve had a plumber look at it and it’s definitely not a pipe issue. I’m not sure what to tell the downstairs tenant other than “tough crap, tell your neighbor to quit being a pig.” I’d prefer to be a little diplomatic, but I just don’t know what she expects from me. Any suggestions?

I have that problem from time to time. I tell the upstairs tenant that they damaged the ceiling of the below unit. That I will fix it this one time and if that paint is ruined again they will be responsible for it out of their deposit which they will have 15 days to replenish. People get a little more responsible when they start realizing it is coming out of their pocket.

I have had leaks from everywhere. I have quit calling the plumber too. I started with some ancient clogged tub drum traps. Then on to bathtub/shower remodels and saudering saudering in new pipe where leaks spring from time to time. Condensing lines leak too even seen some 3.5 inch old iron pipe wear out and drip through. Drywall repair comes with the territory, cut er up and get a flash light in there and turn all the different water handles on one at a time toilet flush too. Could be anything.