Flood Insurance

Does anyone have any experience with buying a flood insurance policy? If so what has been your experience? Do you have an idea how much a flood insurance policy would cost for a property that I get for 27k but has a value of about 65k?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

I have a property worth about $105K and the flood insurance is about $500 per year (as I recall). I’ll try to look in the checkbook and give you the exact figure later.


The cost of flood insurance seems related to the flood zone that it is in. Here we have to measure the height of the house from the ground and also the number of square inches of vents on the house. (Water should flow under your house in a flood).
The flood zone comes from the city engineer.
We pay about $1000/year for a $125,000 house. Darn expensive.

Thankyou for your responses.

What if you have units in the ground floor or more like a walkout basement type setup where the other side is towards a hill. If water got in once, it should again right. Does flood insurance increase is certain scenarios?

you will pay more for flood insurance if you don’t have vents under the house. I just bought 22 metal vents to be installed since my last house purchased is next to a river and in the most expensive flood plane designation.
The rule here is something like 2500 SF house needs 2500 sq. inches of vents or you pay a lot more money. Pretty big job installing all those vents.