Flipping Vegas

Does anybody watch that TV Show Flipping Vegas?
It’s entertaining for sure, the problems they face with mold, water damage, vandals and trashed properties they buy. And OMG the Drama.
The buyers, a husband and wife team are the real attraction with their Psychotic rantings and interactions with each other and with their subcontractors.
Lots of cost over runs but it seems like they still manage to make a killing.
Watch it.

Hello Rando,
I love watching those flip this flip that shows (except Flipping Boston). Scott used to be really active on this site a while back. He actually knows what he is doing. The drama is for entertainment value. He knows about the mold before he buys the house etc. When he “accidentally” puts $10,000 granite countertops in a house he knows that the project can afford it.

I lost all respect for scott yancy, I went to one of seminars to learn how to do this, it is one giant scam to drain hard working americans of there money. While at the seminar the presenter talks about how much money he makes flipping houses, and I thought to myself, if he is making so much money then why is he here trying to sell these classes. They use high pressure tactics to try to get you to pay the 2k they want upfront then if you buy that one they continue with there little scam talking about tax liens, in which they want another $1500 for that one. They give you an option of buy now or never to try to pressure you into their classes. From what I learned from other people once you start attending the actual seminars they give you limited information and try to upsell you again and try to soak you for more money.

The argument that if they made so much money in real estate why are they doing seminars is not valid. You don’t want to learn from somebody that has not made a lot of money in real estate. I know several people that do seminars that I know for a fact make six figures from their real estate…that is a month. The thing about real estate is that it takes so little time to do and is so easy to do you have so much time to do seminars. Seminars are designed to make them money. You are not likely to get someone that knows real estate to teach you how without paying for it (unless you meet me).

I watch Flipping Vegas from time to time. I’d like to watch it because I’m curious about the Vegas market. But I can’t take the husband and wife bickering and fighting. To me it is more about a disfunctional marriage than the Vegas real estate flipping market.


I am a Investor/Real Estate Agent in Las Vegas. I meet Scott at a local REI club meeting a few years back. He pitched the club on lending him $ on private funding for purchases of REO properties at the Court House Auctions.

I was not interested in his Lights Camera Action pitch to the club.

FYI every part of the Flipping Vegas show has been scripted.

He show up at the property driving a Porsche and has a hissty fit about $200
in tile thats not in the budget. Give me a break.

He has a McClaren too. Its hard to know what is real and fake with those shows. As it was previously stated many successful RE investors have courses or classes to teach others. Some are great and others are a rip off. Flipping houses is not a passive income generator, you have to continually work to make money. Classes and education can provide a more stable and passive income as well as help others.

Id laugh if you ran into Nathan whos also in Vegas right now. Though that is unlikely, I would still laugh.