flipping vacant lots for great money

Okay, my dad has been flipping lots in FL for the last year and making a killing. It’s like a sure thing. The problem is the price is like 500K-ish and I am brand-spankin-new at this. I have never done one before. However, I will, in the next 30 days be doing my first deal, whether it be here in IL on a little 140K deal making 15-20K on it after I’m through (if I’m lucky), or I can hang on to it a little longer in Florida and make 6 times that, with less work! Problem: Is there a lender that would give me that much money if the deal were “right”. I have decent-not awesome-credit and moderate income.

I don’t have an answer to that, but I’m curious as to your dad’s strategy for making so much money from flipping lots. Do tell.