flipping to friend - your thoughts?

I have a dilema.
I’m looking for opinions from wholesalers.
I have a property under contract that I could wholesale or rehab myself (my first rehab - a learning eaxperience). A close friend of mine wants to buy it from me and rehab himself. I have introduced him to REI and was kidding him about buying this property…now he wants it. I’m fairly new to this myself with a 1 bird dog deal, 1 wholesale deal under my belt. My gut tells me to rehab this for myself for a bigger payday (hopefully) and experience, versus wholesaling to a friend and him possibly having unforeseen problems rehabbing it down the road. Friendships to me are worth more than a few dollars.
However, if I do wholesale it to another more experienced investor I don’t want my friend to be disappointed that I didn’t sell to him.
Looking for advice.

Take the emotion out of it and evaluate it as a business decision.

This is not the ‘ojonesy welfare program’. It’s a business.