flipping short sales

How are most people handling the exit strategy on short sales? Are you buying under you name and rent for 6 months (due to title seasoning issues) before selling them?
Are you finding challanges with exit strategies? I know people in the east coast, they use the land trust techniques; but here in the west coast is different.
Any thoughts on this?

in CA use the family land trust and you’ll be good.

Can anyone tell me a good educational tool to get to do short sales and whole sales, this is where I want to start as a newbie and I don’t want to spend thousands of dollars to learn what is needed. Just one course that covers start to finish a short sale an one for a whole sale. :help


IMHO, check out TheShortSalePro kit and Steve Cooks “Wholesaling for Quick Cash” 2nd edition. Hope this helps…

:cool JOE just a note with my 2 cents here i do not have a seasoning issues as i have a contract with a company they buy notes from me ///as long as all paperwork is in place and correct it is done !!!

I have to have a apprasilal in place no more then 90 days old . AS well the rest of the usal paperwork /// and iam cashed out and gone in 30 to 90 days and on to the next deal . THEY usaly pay me at about 70 to 80 % of the face of the note

can you explain that in a little more detail? maybe with a number example please? a new post, a pm or email would be great, whatever you want, but that is really interesting. I have some note buyers in my area and I bet if I understand what you’re doing I could pitch it to them and do it myself as well. You can never have enough exit strategies, IMHO