Flipping Property/Notes

Just a couple of questions?

Is there title seasoning issues when it comes to a double or simultaneous close involving the note buyer. In other words do the note buyers care if the title is seasoned or not.

And could anybody point me in the direction of some note buyers

It depends on the note buyer and the credit profile of the person paying on the note. If the payor’s credit is bad, most note buyers will insist on seasoning. if the credit is good then less so, or possibly no seasoning might be required.

Also, some note buyers will handle unseasoned notes within certain parameters. Others will only work with seasoned notes.

As with anything else in real estate, the better the situation the better the deal. if you have someone with so-so credit - little seasoning and the LTV is high then expect a deep discount. If the payor has good credit, the note is well seasoned and the LTV is low - then there will be a much smaller discount.

One place to find note buyers is at the http://www.bulletinboards.com/message.cfm?comcode=5045&xx.