flipping mbile homes????

i was wondering if anyone has flipped a mh? is it even possible? since people flip homes i was wondering if the same applies for mhs. also are there any members here that invest in mhs in the nj area?


Ah Yes…“Lonnie Deals”
I’m doing two right now.
Several things to consider.
Try to buy at wholesale or distressed seller
What did they strip out of them if theyre a repo?
What is it going to cost to move it?
Do you have land to move it to?
Is it zoned for such?
Landscaping fees.,
Repair fees-if any (usualy floors)
Is it in a park? (No rentals-commissions for the park to resell)
Filing docs with county for the title of the land-Similar to a home.
These are usually small deals but can flip EZ

I’M buying a 14 x 72-1998 repo for @5K
The 1 acre lot for 1.5K
Moving costs $500.00
Landscaping $500.00
Birddog-reselling Comissions for my agent 3k
(1K on acquisition-1K on the sertup-6% on the resale)
Will resell for 20K -Cash buyers are waiting.
The nice thing about these deals -are that most can afford them easily.
Armchair investment for a 10K profit in a month?? Not to shabby!

Sounds real good but how do you find distressed mobile home owners?