Flipping into a Felony

A California broker faces a LIFE SENTENCE for flipping and loan fraud.


WOW is all I can say. I live in metro Detroit, and in the city, you could stab someone and not even serve a day. That story blew me away.

I’m all for locking the scumbag up and throwing away the key. It’s unethical idiots just like this that are responsible for the anti-investor legislation sweeping the nation. Good riddance, I say I hope he enjoys being Bubba’s girl on the inside. Me? I gotta stay ethical and aboveboard in my dealings if for no other reason than I’m wayyyy too good looking to go to prison. Thanks for letting me vent.


Similar litigation here in Texas. Brokers and appraisers and some other crooks cooked up a similar scheme and defrauded loan companies out of mucho denero. This is what has caused seasoning and a whole lot of other lender issues.