Flipping Houses in Current Market

I live in the metro Atlanta area where there are tons of foreclosures. I am new to investing and very skeptical about being able to resell a property. I have enough cash reserves to pay the mortgage for six months, but if the property doesn’t sell, then what? Could a veteran investor advise whether flipping in the current market is a good idea or would it be best to hold and rent? Also, if there is an investor in the Atlanta area that could give some input on the current market conditions I would really appreciate it.

Newbie Nerves
Atlanta, GA

I have tons of buyers still very interested in the Atlanta market. I would only suggest you stay out of the zip codes 30310 to 30315-18 - they are hard to resell, finance, etc due to fraud. Other than that, make sure you are giving the buyer a good solid deal. Most buyers that I have prefer a already rehabbed home so they can throw a renter into it right after closing.