Flipping Formula/Premium Financial Training

Has anyone had a negative experience with Flipping Formula or Premium Financial Training? I’d like to know positives and negatives and what city, state you attended the seminars in. I’m interested to see if what they teach worked in your market. I have a friend who’s invested 40k+ and it’s not working in the extremely fast paced market in Austin, TX. Houses can go on and off market in a matter of hours.


 In 2005 we were assigning contracts for properties in Las Vegas, Nevada where we were making $5k to $20k on a full priced offer on a $350k home re-assigning it to a owner occupied buyer because of lack of inventory and making that money in 3 to 20 days!

Austin Texas is a vibrant market and probable does not fit most investment scenarios, I would invest in Dallas / Fort Worth, San Antonio or Houston markets for more flexibility! You have to explore those markets for your investment plans.

I personally would rather see investors study everything available and use cash to buy properties, $40k is enough cash to do a down payment and closing cost’s on two $85k homes which in Texas would provide positive rental income going that route, I believe a lot of real estate education is way over priced for what’s provided!