Flipping & Double closes

I came across the opportunity to purchase 4 SFH far under market value but actually interested in one.
I see the opportunity to profit from all 4 by either assigning or “flipping” them. I’m leaning more toward
flipping them. First, I need to get them under contract but how do I construct a contract that would leave me an out
if I can’t sell them to another investor? Also, what the ways and steps of doing a double close? Thanks in advance.

as far as your double close and contract question goes you should find the search button up to by your name in the blue box in the center of page to be a helpful tool

as far as your reply to my double close and contract question goes I’ve already tried the search tool and didn’t find any posts that answered my question. Just looking for some friendly help to my situation.

As far as the contract and an out, I would write the offer subject to the approval of your business parnter. That would give you an out if you find something wrong or decide this isn’t for you.