Flipping 2 bedroom houses

What is your take on flipping a two bedroom? Is this desireable? Or is it better to focus on 3 bedrooms or grader?

I would say that it depends on 2 things: what your buyers are looking for and whether or not it’s a good deal.

If it’s truly a good deal, you will be able to sell it. If one of your buyers won’t buy it, you can put it on Craigslist, eBay, etc. and it will sell. If your buyers are looking for 3+ bedrooms I would focus on marketing to those type of leads. However, if you do happen to come across a 2 bedroom home that has an extremely motivated seller that you can get a great deal on, I wouldn’t pass it up.

Ask your buyers ahead of time. “Hey, will you buy a 2 bed house? If so, what is your buying criteria?” Other factors play a role, too. Like DukeFan said, if it’s a good deal, then it should sell. Like, it may be a 2/1, but the annual ROI may be 30%. Or, it may be in a trendy, up and coming area. Buyers take into account these things.