Has anyone heard of Fliplender.com? I’ve filled out 3 online applications, but no response. Are they still in business? Any information about this company would help.


I have never heard of these guys. I hate web sites that dont have phone numbers. Try asking people in your local REIA club who they use for hard money, you should get someone that has a phone number.

Thanks. I was pursuing this company because they assist with the closing cost. When I filled out the online application I was informed that I would receive an email, still waiting. I guess for now on I need to make sure the company has a phone number.

Hopefully you did not provide your social or birthdate. Who knows where that information is going now.

I did provide my birthdate, but not my social. I don’t provide my social over the internet freely like that. Don’t know how much information they could use with just my birthdate.

More than likely they are a scam.

Best idea is to check out any information they have about their company and then check with the state they are based in to see if they are a registered company as well as licensed (most states require HML and others to be licensed as finance companies).