Flip With Bad Urine Smell--need help

Hellol ALl,
I recently purchased a home that was owned by an old man that had a lot of cats. There is a bad urine smell in the bad rooms. I think it is in the concrete foundation. All the carpet has been removed but smell is still there. Has anyone had experience in removing cat urine smell from concrete. Any advise would help

Try scrubbing with Tri Sodium Phosphate. Available at most hardware stores. Follow the directions on the box.


I’d give it a good scrub with bleach, soak it is a good enzyme odor neutralizer, and then seal it with a waterproof paint.

The smell might also be along the bottom of the dry wall and underneath the baseboard. Sometimes you have to replace the bottom foot of the dry wall.

You might need to scrub out the heating vents.

I’ve had to replace the insulation in the floor before.

Just did one recently and had no smell ever again, even when the heat was on which is usually when it likes to come back.

I did as others suggested and that was by starting off with scrubbing and gutting out everything you can, then made sure it was all completely dried.

Killz oil based applied liberally and all done.