FLIP book

I am new to your web site. A couple have mentioned the FLIP book. Who is the author?


The magic of search buttons!

I’m also new to this site, & was wondering if you would recommend either of these books: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0452286697/ref=pd_cp_b_title/105-2521575-5511662
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I’m just starting to look at re investing, trying to determine where/how I want to invest (rentals, flips, foreclosures, reits, etc).

I like the Preforeclosure Investor’s Kit and also liked “Flip” by Rick Villani. The find, it, fix, it I think I liked too. I used to check out new books at Barnes and Noble before I’d buy them. I think I bought all three.

Find it fix it flip it is a great book for all beginners.