Flier Distribution

I was thinking of distributing pull tab fliers to places that almost all people visit on a fairly regular basis such as grocery stores, gas stations, and video rental stores. The local grocery stores have bulletin boards that you can put fliers up for free. I was wondering about the gas stations and video stores though. Do you just ask the manager if you can post it on their front door? I do see some fliers at the video stores for local events and such. I thought that they might not say no since the flier doesn’t have anything to do with their line of business, but I thought they might also ask for some $ to do it. Anyone have any experiences or ideas regarding this?

I don’t know about video stores but I asked at a gas station once and they said they don’t allow fliers. They did however have a section on a wall for business cards.

They said the fliers take up too much space and don’t look appealing for their customers???

This was at one in a better part of town so maybe depending on where you ask they might let you.

Give them a piece of the deal like $250-500+ if you close on it and the referral came from their flyer. Put a little extension or code# for later reference.

On the business card thing, maybe get a plastic business card holder with a hole in the top for a pushpin. Only takes up a little more space than a business card and it would allow people to take the info home with them.

Just a thought.