Flat fee MLS listing services

Has anyone tried any of the flat fee listing services (like http://flatfeelisting.com), and, if so, what they thought about the service? I am about to sell a couple of my properties, and was thinking about using one of these companies to post on the MLS (in conjunction with other outlets like CraigsList, Greensheet, etc.)

Just figure that it will actually cost you the flat fee PLUS 3% (or whatever is customary in your area) for the buyer’s agent. Otherwise, no agent will show your house.

You will be better off just listing it. If you use the mls and have to pay to advertise and do your own marketing anyway then you really are not saving the 6% most people think.
If it is a $100,000 house and you pay a realtor 3% to bring you a buyer and you spent your weekends doing your own open houses, spent money on newspaper adds and money for cool flyers at the copy center, you really are better off just getting an aggressive agent to list with.

Flat fee brokerages can offer great value, but you must know what you are getting before you sign. I owned a flat fee brokerage a few years back, and offered more marketing that any of the traditional agents did. That does not mean all flat fee companies market, so check up on them, and see what they are doing for thier current clients.