FL Tax Liens

I read that in Florida when a tax lien isn’t redeemed and if the lien holder files for foreclosure the property is put up for auction. Does the lien holder have any priority at all before the property is put up for auction?


What do you mean Priority?

And are you asking if the Tax Lien Holder Forecloses? Or another Lien Holder Forecloses? I am sure that if you browse myflorida.com you will be able to find the information pretty easily.

Maybe I should reword my question.

If a certificate is not redeemed and the certificate holder files for the deed, the property would then be owned by the certificate older? I know it is more complicated than that, but that is the basic idea right?


you have the beginning right but not the rest. There is 2 year right of redemption in FL…So the person who owns the first year certificate can foreclose on the property after 22 months. If the first year certificate holder does not own the 2nd year cert., then he or she must redeem it from the 2nd year certificate holder…then you can apply for a “tax deed application”…

after this the county will notify any mortgage holders and let them know of the upcoming sale…they do reserve the right to repossess the property from you if they pay you all the money and all the int. for both years. if they dont…then the county turns the prop. over to the “Clerk of Circuit Court in every FL county”…they hold the deed sale…if someone at the auction wants to buy it, you will receive your investment back plus int…if no one bids on the property…you own it free and clear of all the mortgages…ca-ching!

this process is like this because FL is a hybrid state (meaning they sell both liens and deeds)