Fix Roof or List Property?

My question is I closed on my first property 2 weeks ago and the only major work that needs done is a roof. It’s been to cold in Ohio to put a roof on and I believe that I am loosing valuable time in marketing this house. The roof has leaked into a bedroom which caused the ceiling to cave in into the bedroom. I patched the roof, so I believe that I is done leaking but I won’t trust it into I tear the old off and put the new roof on.
Here’s my question, should I list the house now or hold off into the new roof and the bedroom ceiling is fixed?



Howdy Todd:

Move to Austin to do deals. It is warm here most of the time.

In light of that I would wait until the repairs are done if you want full retail value. You need to put your best foot forward and a ceiling caved in is not a pretty sight I am sure. If it were just the roof that would be one thing but the sheet-rock repairs is another.

Perhaps you could repair the ceiling and then list for sale with a roof allowance


Thanks Ted for your advice. I believe we fixed the leak but I don’t want to fix the ceiling just in case it leaks again. As soon as it warms up I will put on the roof. Send us up some of that warm air and I’ll be happy.

Thanks again,


I am in Michigan and have plenty of that weather up here, too. My contractor does roofs in the winter. He doesn’t necessarily love it it, but he can do it. Maybe try another roofer?