First Wholesale Deal

So… I wanted to start wholesaling real estate… Watched a couple You tube videos (great info source). Then went out looking for houses. Found a house, made an offer, signed the contract, and now I’m looking for investor/buyer. Have a meeting with one tomorrow night. Tried to find title company to facilitate transaction but none knew what I was talking about :banghead (assignment contracts), even attorneys were confused :eyecrazy, Oh and did you know it’s hard to find independent title companies now… Most attornies have their own. So finally found a title company. Stay tuned!!

Welcome dreamgirl. This business is not standard. Most professionals have no idea how money is made in real estate. What you have to do is find attorneys, realtors, title companies, mortgage companies, contractors, suppliers etc… that deal with investment real estate. I call them investment grade professionals. You find them to be the ones that real estate investors deal with. If you go to you local real estate investor’s club meeting you will find them. Sometime they will be the ones sponsoring the snacks or they will make presentations or the website may link to them. Frequently they are at the meeting standing in the back of the room holding a cup of coffee. If they are not there ask one of the investors at the club who they use.

They are not the ones you find in the yellow pages.

I am seeing that. I do need a mortgage company, (thanks for that), and a better attoryney. :bobble. Thanks blue!!


Bluemoon just gave some great advice. Begin to think like a real estate rehaber. Where do you go to get supplies for your flips? Locally owned home supplies stores are flooding with these guys.

Wow, very impressive! You watched some Youtube Videos and took some action and now you have a deal. Most people don’t that the guts to apply massive action. You’ll be successful in this business because your action will blow through any obstacle that arrives.

I spent 4 years in the Marine Corp. and I can say the most valuable thing I learned is that obstacles are meant to be blown into smithereens.

Keep Cranking!!

Cheers :slight_smile:


That is the hardest step, taking the first step forward. If you can numb your emotions about that you will keep going. Do be afraid of falling down once or twice. Get a couple of bumps and scrapes. :biggrin