First time investor looking for Wholesaler?

Where do you find wholesalers? How to spot the good from the bad ones? I really have everything in line except for the properties. I want to buy, estimate repairs and fair market value, then fix-up and re-sell. What should I do to get the ball rolling? Any help would be appreciated…


Jason Van Loo


Where are you located and what area or areas are you interested in? I am a wholesaler in MN, mostly central.


Arizona… don’t know if you can help.

I would recommend searching for local meetings in your area. You seem to be in a good, focused mindset, and there are wholesalers at these meetings who will help you out!

Print out a sheet of those do-it yourself business cards, and you’ll be workin in no time!

Here is a link to the clubs. Or you could look to the left under Investor Resources.