First Time Buyer

Is there any one that will do a first time buyer, purchase mortgage, for a 570 credit score and eight months on the job? Reason for low score is he doesn’t have much credit and a medical bill that is showing up on his report. Any help will be appreciated. :help

Can he make the bill current? That would help his score.

Is this for an OO or NOO property? Does he have any money to bring to the table?

It is OO and I believe he does have some money to bring to the table. It is a $65,000. purchase, and he said the out of pocket part shouldn’t be a problem. I do not know how much cash he has on hand, but a ballpark scenario might help.
I don’t have any idea how much the medical bill is, but I might ask him, and suggest that anyway.

Paying the medical collection will not get it removed. I would suggest having your customer get a secured credit card. A few months of on time payments should do the trick. Also, make sure the balances on his other accounts are on time and keep them at about 33% of their limits.